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" We are a therapist owned and operated company dedicated to providing educational materials and seminars to the rehabilitation community "

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An integrated approach to lower extremity prosthetics and amputee rehabilitation


  • Prosthetic Gait Training
  • Balance, Agility, Coordination and Endurance
  • Stretching and Strengthening
  • Home Exercise Guide


Our goal as therapists is three-fold: 1) restore a person's ability to walk with a prosthesis to the highest possible degree in the shortest period of time 2) provide functionally relevant tips that make life easier

3) motivate people to reach full rehabilitation potential and enjoy life

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  • Transtibial Amputee
  • Transfemoral Amputee
  • Essentials of Amputee Running
  • Biomechanics of Amputee Running
  • Amputee Training Series



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Amputee Mobility Predictor

The Functional Training Series set of DVDs is designed to offer the most comprehensive strategies in amputee rehabilitation for physical therapists, prosthetists, and clients. The emphasis is on the ability to move quickly and smoothly while developing balance and stability. The biomechanics and training principles of basic running for amputees are also featured.

The Rehabilitation Series set of DVDs and manuals are designed as instructional tools for rehabilitation professionals. The DVDs provide a detailed visual presentation of material covered in the manuals.

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